Kate Beck, a New Orleans-based textile artist, specializes in dyeing, felting, painting, and screen printing unique fabrics.


Kate's designs draw significant inspiration from the captivating landscapes of her formative years in the Pacific Northwest. Immersed in exploring bountiful terrains and gathering nature's treasures, she fostered a profound bond with the mysteries of the natural world. Following her studies in fiber arts at the University of Washington in the 1980s, Kate embarked on national and international journeys to showcase her artwork, eventually finding her creative home in New Orleans.


Nestled in the charming Marigny neighborhood, Kate's studio is a haven for artists—a captivating live and work space housed in a historic Creole townhouse. Monthly workshops are held here (currently on pause for now,) where she imparts diverse dyeing and printing techniques. Moreover, the studio opens its doors to the public on Saturday mornings, hosting an enticing weekend pop-up shop.



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