Montmartre Dress w/ Jacquard Top - Navy - S/M
Montmartre Dress w/ Jacquard Top - Navy - S/M

Kate Beck New Orleans

Montmartre Dress w/ Jacquard Top - Navy - S/M

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At the peak of the hill that defines Paris’s topography and crowned by the Nineteenth Century marvel Sacre Coeur, Montmartre is an artist’s village synonymous with Belle Époque Bohemia and the metropolitan Impressionist Movement. This era’s petticoats, fantasy finishing, and bloomers are mirrored in the Montmartre Dress’s many ruffles and adornments whose raw edges recall the rugged paint strokes of a street artist’s canvas; likewise, the universally flattering square-cut top was drawn from the period’s buxom portraitures to create a garment that is both radical and timeless. 
  • silk bodice, silk skirt
  • bust: approximately 37.5"
  • waist: approximately 35"
  • hip: approximately 58"
  • overall length: 47.5"
  • wash cool, tumble dry
  • handmade in New Orleans